Two days Mayors Retreat in Moldova

Near the end of the year two UNDP projects: the EU-UNDP initiative “Mayors for economic growth” and the Switzerland-UNDP “Migration and local development” gathered more than 50 partner mayors and representatives of local public administrations to summarise the results of 2022, the lessons learned and the perspectives of 2023.

The EU’s Mayors for Growth presented the Response and Renewal grant program and how to respond to the crisis through it. We reviewed and learned from activities in over 30 partner localities of the Switzerland – UNDP “Migration and local development” project, strengthening managerial capacities at the local level, and the civic initiative.

To emphasize even more the role of collaboration and cooperation in a small country and a continuous process of development, as is the Republic of Moldova, the mayors and mayoresses “climbed” a mountain through a collaborative game called “Everest”. Lastly, the mayors and partners got the chance to exchange news and good practices in the field of economy and went home with even more ideas to realize in 2023!