A portfolio is a complementary method to help decision makers navigate problems where traditional methods, such as project management, are not sufficient. It is a problem-solving tool for transformative change within a city or town.


As the city structures are highly complex with different layers of actors and engagements, the portfolio journey takes the municipalities on the journey of discovery to reimagining their cities through “URBAN MAKEOVER” and finding ways to create responsive, resilient, and sustainable urban spaces where municipalities will have increased economic opportunities and vibrant communities in various and compact forms with embracing mindsets.

10 cities and towns are currently part of the Portfolio Journey under the M4EG at different stages of implementation.

Eligibility Criteria

The following are the eligibility criteria used for the Call for Interest:


Local authorities must be located in one of the Eastern Partnership countries.


Local authorities must have had an LEDP (developed under Phase I of Mayors for Economic Growth;


Demonstration of an understanding of systems thinking, including as measured by evidence of previous work plan and programs;


Demonstration of clear commitment to test a new approach and an open mindset to do innovation as measured by the level of interest and time allocated for such a pilot;


Appropriate capacity to do innovation measured by evidence/track record of applying innovative approaches and tools, and technical and/or coordination capacity to implement previous projects and to achieve concrete results and sustainable outcomes;


Evidence of a positive impact in a previous community development project, which demonstrates a track record;


Managerial capacity of the municipality to engage citizens to co-create development projects and ensure high levels of citizen engagement/ participation, as demonstrated through a track record on implemented initiatives.This would include demonstration of collaborative work – i.e. proof of group-work, task


Some experience on innovation or design thinking could be considered an asset.